Each week we feature conversations with experts in leadership, management, human resources, culture and technology to help you succeed in this new normal. Benoit Hardy-Vallee, Managing Director at Phenom, cover topics such as Virtual Workforce Management, Distributed Leadership, Online Culture, Digital HR and Employee Experience.


(Views expressed here are my own and don't necessarily represent Phenom's positions, strategies or opinions. This is not a Phenom initiative but a passion project)

  • My only goal is to serve the audience by providing high-quality, easy to digest and actionable insights about: virtual workforce, remote/ distributed work, online communities and collaboration, digital employee experience, social networks, virtual leadership, online learning, HR management in virtual organizations, culture and employee engagement in virtual organizations, etc.—all the things that we need to think about now that every knowledge worker is a remoter worker. I plan on having interviewees from both the business and the academic world.


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