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With over 15 years of experience as a public speaker, I have had the privilege of facilitating hundreds of presentations, seminars, webinars, off-sites, workshops, and keynotes in English and French. My passion for public speaking stems from the ability to create moments of connection, exchange, and learning. I am dedicated to informing and inspiring audiences on the ever-changing workplace and the technologies that shape it.

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Future of work and HR

I approach my speaking engagements with a fresh and holistic perspective, combining insights from various fields such as management, psychology, and philosophy. My professional experience in HR transformation and technology consulting, as well as my podcast, "abrupt future," inform my perspective - and I love to infuse my presentations with a touch of humor. My goal is to engage audiences and equip them with the tools and insights they need to tackle the key people challenges of our time. Join me on a journey of discovery, where we'll explore the latest trends and ideas that are shaping the future of work:

  1. From Data to Decisions: Evidence-Based People Analytics  

  2. 3D Thinking - Strategies for Managing a Distributed, Digital and Disruptive Workplace

  3. Leading the Way in AI-Powered HR: Strategies for Transforming Your Talent Management Approach

  4. Augmented HR: Understanding the Impacts of ChatGPT and Generative AI

  5. Harnessing the Power of Talent Experience Technology to Elevate Your Employee Experience


Career development and leadership

Another passion of mine is to help leaders at all levels improve their thinking skills. This includes those just starting their careers, those adjusting to leadership responsibilities, managers looking for new ways to engage their team in an AI-rich,  hybrid work environment, and experienced executives facing disruptions in the workplace. I give practical advice and techniques they can use to enhance their critical, creative, and strategic thinking abilities. 

  1. ​From Campus to Corporate: Strategies for Successfully Transitioning from Academia to the Business World

  2. The Power of Influence: Strategies for Leading Without a Formal Title

  3. Managing in the AI Era: Balancing Technology and Humanity in the Modern Workplace

  4. Disruptive Times, Exceptional Leaders: Navigating the Challenges of Change in the Workplace

Feedback from attendees: 

  • Very good speaker who mastered his subject perfectly and stimulated our curiosity with explanation after explanation.

  • Thank you for this beautiful conference. The content is informative and your approach is cordial. Best wishes. 

  • Nice conference. The speaker has a good command of the subject. I learned new concepts, it's great!

  • A conference that painted a clear picture of the digital issue in our work, our personal lives, our organizations and our communities. I got some important thoughts on a fair vision of the challenges that await us as human beings. A speaker in full control of his means! Hats off to him!

  • Calm, wise, experienced, very comfortable in communication and conference. Well done!

  • By far the best presentation I have attended this year! Excellent speaker, good communicator, in perfect control of his subject. A big wow!

  • Everything was perfect: the tone, the rhythm, the examples. I particularly appreciated the cultural references: Ulysses or Stefan Zweig, the past of our civilization enlightens us on our present issues. THANK YOU

  • Excellent conference. Very relevant subject with our new form of work organization.  I learned a lot!

  • We really appreciate you taking the time to present today. We had so much interest in this webinar and received great feedback.  I also wanted to thank you for the thoughtful and engaging talk you gave on Friday to the managers' meeting. 

  • I've heard nothing but very positive feedback from the group! They loved your presentation.

  • I just wanted to say thank you again for your presentation and all of your work for our MVP Roundtable. We had a debrief meeting earlier this week and our Sr. VP of Group Distribution gave us a big pat on the back for finding you and having you speak, so thanks for making us look good!

  • A very beneficial workshop!

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