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19 - On the Future of Meeting - A conversation with James Kelley

James Kelley is the CEO & Co-Founder of qChange, a real-time end-to-end Leader Experience Solution that prompts, measures, grows, and predicts leader success in Microsoft Teams. In August 2020, the first product - Leader Experience (LX) was launched in Microsoft Teams. LX is a low-touch high-impact solution that improves leadership development with real-time prompts, measurement, feedback, and growth. qChange partners with employee experience, coaching, and assessment organizations that have relationships with large global organizations.

Topics Covered:

• What was the driver behind launching qChange?

• James discusses the power of creating an engaging meeting culture by asking the right questions.

• Are you having a one-way conversation or a two-way dialogue?

• James points out how psychological factors are affecting an organization’s growth?

• What is a top-down approach in a meeting?

• Do we spend a lot of time in the same agenda-based meetings?

• Is it an absolute necessity to attend meetings?

• Are the employees adding value in discussions, asking questions or bringing some impact to the table?

• James discusses how qChange is aimed to help leaders show up better in meetings?

• How to drive more inclusions in meetings?

Key Points

  • Meetings may suck less by facilitating leaders to make authentic connections with all employees so that they feel valued and respected.

  • There is a need to reduce employees' psychological pressure by introducing productive meeting cultures.

  • James highlights the importance of proposing questions and participating in the decision-making process during a meeting.


“Meetings has a lot of psychological components in them; it is more about - I am reading and interpreting Vs I am reading and thinking”

“If you don’t believe that your job is secure and that your value isn’t present to those that you work with then that says something else about an organization.”

“We are making the leader more present about what they have to do to make the team more engaged.”

“The organizations that have a meeting culture that predicate on feedback and growth, actually outperforms 1/3rd as compared to others”

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