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21 - On business automation - A conversation with Richard Schnitzel

Richard Schnitzel, Founder/President at Bow Tie Bots. When it comes to automation, Richard is an expert

Topics Covered:

  • The kind of task or activities that tend to be automated

  • Where should leaders start

  • "Authenticious" Automation

  • How people react to automation

  • How to handle concerns about automation

  • How automation technology will evolve

Key Points

  • Automation does two things in a business – First, it improves efficiency, and second, it also enhances efficacy.

  • Apart from sales, project management, administration, Richard talks about the other departments/processes that are good clients/candidates for automation.

  • Richard talks about “Authentious Automation” (Authentious is derived from the combination of Authentic and Conscious).

  • People think about automation as “Trying to remove a work” or “Trying to automate an entire process out of the human interface,”

  • Automating a process does not mean success, Richard shares instances of failures that he has encountered.

  • Richard talks about how automation loses its authenticity when it tries to be a human.

  • AI is a tool that one can use for automation.

  • Richard also shares interesting examples about the use of AI. He also talks about how many components are required to make AI an automation tool.

  • Richard shares insights about how his clients react to automation.

  • While taking excerpts from his own experience, Richard shares how the reaction of leaders and employees varies when it comes to automating a process.

  • Automation has changed a lot when it comes to acceptance and the use of it.

  • “Not pretending to be a human” and “Offering a way to reach out” – These are the two types of failures that Richard and Benoit discuss.


  • “It is a lot of 1% or 2% changes we make in a business that end up in making a larger 30% change.”

  • “Automation is like building Legos”

Resources Mentioned:

· Richard Schnitzel: Website

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