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22 - On Recruiting in the age of Googlization - A conversation with Ira Wolfe

Updated: May 27, 2021

In this episode, Benoit Hardy-Vallee talks to Ira S Wolfe - President at Poised for the Future Company, Founder of Success Performance Solutions, and a popular presenter at SHRM and business conferences. He has authored 6 books, including the latest “Recruiting in the age of googlisation.” - see

Topics Covered:

  • Googlization and what that means for recruiting

  • How can HR win the war for talent

  • “Adaptability quotient” vs. emotional intelligence

  • The post-pandemic workforce

Key Points

  • Ira Wolfe explains to the listeners, “Why he is called a Millennial trapped in a Baby Boomer body”

  • We should all be called Millennial, or Gen-Z

  • For the first time in history, corporations have 4 or 5 generations working at the workplaces simultaneously.

  • A large percentage of the baby boomers are involved in start-ups and part of disruption and transformation.

  • How robots and Artificial Intelligence helped us during the pandemic and kept our world from turning.

  • As per Ira, the recruitment industry is not doing enough to keep up with technology.

  • Amazon is setting a standard for e-commerce; it gives you complete information about each and every detail about a product within a few clicks. But when it comes to the recruitment industry, there is a void.

  • Ira got introduced to the adaptability quotient, that was researched by the UN, HSBC Bank and few universities

  • The research identified 15 dimensions that were impactful on how people adapt.

  • The 15 dimensions were broken into 3 areas, the model is called ACE (Ability, Character and Environment).

  • Ira talks about 5 important characteristics – Grip, Resilient, Mental Flexibility, Growth-Mindset, and Un-Learning.

  • We need to understand what behavior or skills we are no longer going to use and adapt accordingly

  • Without being adaptive, one can never change or improve their behavior or skills

  • Adaptability is key for job seekers, HR, Leaders, Employers.


  • “We need to think about generation less in a chronological fashion and more as a mindset.”

  • “Googlisation is about the convergence of people, business and technology.”

  • “You get used to the convenience of the different consumer technologies, then you have to face the process of standard job application.” -

  • “If we want to give a better experience, we have to create a better process.”

  • “It is important to know how your personality can affect your ability to adapt.”

  • “Adaptability has much to do than living in a digital or virtual world.”

Resources Mentioned:

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