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23 - On the Evolution of Remote Work - A conversation with Iwo Szapar

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

***We are very proud to announce that Abrupt Future was ranked no. 9 on that list of "Top Workforce Management Podcasts You Must Follow in 2021" by Feedspot***

In this episode, Benoit Hardy-Vallee talks to Iwo Szapar – Remote work Advocate and CEO at Remote-how.

Key Points

  • Iwo talks about his journey. He came across the idea of networking in 2011 and at that time he started freelance jobs. In 2017 he noticed the younger generation employees’ growing need for freedom of choice.

  • The concept of Remote-how came from the idea that we can meet expectation of employees where they can be productive and happy wherever they are.

  • Why did it take a global pandemic for people to realize that most of the jobs can be done remotely? People are afraid of change and that is connected to how (and where) you work.

  • As per a study and remote managers’ report - Communication was the biggest challenge.

  • Companies will take time to adjust to asynchronous communication - not forcing employees to respond immediately.

  • A lot of work that need to be done boils down to basic principles of management. Companies needs to work really hard on their culture.

  • If you are not customer facing there should be a better way of managing work so that people can do work on their own time

  • If someone asks you for meeting, push back on all meetings that were not well planned.

  • Some people say remote work doesn’t work, but according to Iwo it works - You simply did it wrong.

  • Before pandemic Remote-how was working with companies that were already somehow remote and were coming to us as for up skilling.

  • But when the pandemic started they opened an academy for free and launched a free program to learn what companies need

  • Not trusting employees is still a big issue. Leadership think people will only work if others are watching them

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