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24 - On HR Operating Models - A conversation with Nalin Rajaure

***We are very proud to announce that Abrupt Future was ranked no. 9 on that list of "Top Workforce Management Podcasts You Must Follow in 2021" by Feedspot***

In this episode, Benoit Hardy-Vallee talks with Nalin Rajaure, Director at OrgVantage. Nalin solves business challenges through agile org design, workforce architecture (readiness & scenarios), and a talent-centered digital HR service delivery.

Key Points

  • Nalin has been designing people programs in Asia for the better part of the last two decades. He focuses on agile org design, workforce architecture, and the digital HR transformation. He was associated with Deloitte for the last decade and recently moved on to set up his firm called orgVantage.

  • HR operating models. HR typically has a roster of activities and a model decide on how these roles interact with each other.

  • Technology and operating models. The traditional model of talent supply in demand is under extreme pressure. We are looking at many open talent economies to help reach that gap. Any great design will always be predicated on how well it understands the factors driving business and what it means to the workforce to deliver. The number of frameworks available is changing drastically- with functional models, matrix models, etc.

  • Helping employees embrace changes to operating model. HR and leadership need to communicate the behavior downwards and sideways into the workforce. Clarity around design, decision, value, performance measurement are key to ensure that the workforce is comfortable with the changes.

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