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On Imagination Work and Online Design Thinking, a conversation with Mariano Suarez-Battan (S1E06)

A conversation with Mariano Suarez-Battan CEO of MURAL

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Topics discussed:

The nature of imagination work

The story and use of MURAL

Remote vs in-person imagination work

Online imagination work and asynchronous communication

The new normal and the future of imagination work


  • A lot of the knowledge work will be taken over by AI, and thus humans will be increasingly doing imagination work in a collaborative fashion. "one of the things that makes us human is the possibility for us to imagine. Imagine the possibilities. Imagine how to change something"

  • What is Mural: "We help them think. We help them run through creative problem solving meetings and workshops. We help them clarify their mind. We help them deploy best practices across companies and across teams. At its core, it is what we call a visual thinking canvas"

  • The challeng of online facilitation: "it's really hard to address an audience remotely, to keep the level of engagement on a remote meeting, and these are things that are not taught in school."

  • With MURAL and online imagination work, Take time to practice, make sure you train people in the methods. Introducing a icebreaker at the start of the meeting and an energizer later in the meeting.

  • 3 trends shaping the future of imagination work: (1) Design Thinking frameworks are becoming standard; (2) Digital Workplace (toolings and practices) (3) the cost of large touch screen coming down and becoming more ubiquitous in the workplace, hence faciltating digital-first design thinking for both office and remote workers.

  • Other best practices: and

  • Follow Mariano at @batmelon and on LinkedIn

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